Why i changed my business name

Why i changed my business name

I feel so much has happened in the last year that it can be difficult to know exactly where to start with all this. I guess this name change might not be a big deal for a lot of people but for me, it marks a new beginning and a fresh start. Daises have always spoken to me and they hold a very special place in my heart but for a few years, I lost the significance they had in my life. As I have been pondering, processing and realigning this change of direction they have resurfaced. Traditionally daises are given to new mothers to symbolize new beginnings. How sweet is the timing of their resurfacing?

If you haven’t followed my journey, then I’ll take you back to the beginning. I have written a bit about my life/ journey on the about me page of this website if you want to peek at my life. You’re my type started as a hand lettering business in 2014 to get out of hospitality and getting paid to do what I love. In 2017 I completed this goal and it led to some incredible doors opening including working for MYER and Westfield. In 2018 I decided to stretch myself and go ‘on Tour’ teaching my popular lettering workshops around Australia. Brad and I converted a Van and I taught over 180 students over 6 weeks the art of hand lettering. Before this tour, Brad and I had decided to sell all our stuff and spend the next year house sitting and saving for a house deposit. I’ll be honest I wasn’t prepared for how exhausting this would be, and I believe it took a toll on my creativity.

In August 2018 I broke my leg and found out that I was pregnant (surprise!!) let’s just say that morning sickness and crutches DO NOT MIX haha. During this time, I found everything super hard and I lost all motivation to do anything. Because I had achieved all that I wanted to with you’re my type I felt that I didn’t know what to do next. So, I took up a part-time role as a merchandise manager at the Brisbane baseball team and I decided that the consistent cash flow was what we needed for welcoming a little bub into the world. And to be honest it’s just nice to not think about money and just work.

On the 1st of June, we welcomed our son Cove Harry Geoffrey Rathbone into the world. When I returned home from the hospital I decided that I just wanted to rest and recover and focus on this new little cute thing I had to feed at 2 am. Anyone who has become a mum will tell you that it’s a transforming period and it can be a daunting time for a new mother trying to navigate all the change. I wasn’t sure that I would continue to run a business so it’s interesting that I’m here in the first place.

In my immaturity over the past years, I have cut things off too quickly when I got over them. I seriously questioned shutting down everything and starting from scratch again but after a lot of processing with my kind and compassionate husband, I realized I didn’t have to burn all the bridges to spark change. Maybe all that needed to happen was a gentle name change. No other name felt right than my own. Was it boring? Not creative enough? I had to silence the critic in my head and trust my gut. It felt right. I felt creativity oozing back into my life and I bought a new journal to celebrate the mark of new beginnings. I could feel words flowing back into my journal and scribblings of flowers began to appear. I knew that I was on the right track for a change.

Most importantly I began to dream again. I dreamt of working with beautiful people who wanted to change their lives but had no idea where to start. I would laugh, cry and dive deep into conversations with them all to experience change and transformation with them. Oh, the look on their faces when they do… Their speech changes and confidence arise. They know where they are going and what direction to take. I dreamt of a studio that I could call my own. I would fill it with plants and there would be no order to the creative chaos. Everything would be left as it was when I had that midnight thought and had to scribble it down. Paints, pens, journals, magazine clippings, a book, cold cups of coffee- all adding to the chaos. I dreamt of one-off artworks being shipped out to homes to grace their walls. I dreamt of writing and people finding healing through my words. I dreamt of running a business from home and spending time with cove and the freedom that it brings. We could spend the day at the beach laughing and eating icy poles. I dreamt of running retreats and workshops and speaking in front of people. I dreamt of owning a home with a mango tree and a huge dining room table where lots of people could sit and share a meal. Oh, how lovely it is to dream again.
So, thank you for giving me grace in this season passed. Thank you for allowing me to find my place. This is just the beginning of new and wonderful adventures.