Looking with new eyes


This original artwork is a special piece. This was painted in a time frame where i was understanding the freedom of living with God rather than boxing him into what i thought he was like and how he moves. So many have grown up thinking that he’s confined within four walls, like i did, but he’s so much more than that. Hes’ fun, creative, funny, spontaneous, light hearted, a helper, the greatest comforter, with you always. So in your everyday moments this work of art is a call to remember to look and then look again. Look closely at what he’s doing in the everyday mundane things. He is at work and he’s wanting to surprise you and dazzle you and sing with you and dance with you. So look, and then look again- i wonder what you’ll see.

Australian-made 12oz poly-cotton stretched canvas

Framed in a beautiful American Ash float frames.

Dimensions-620 x830 mm

Medium- Acrylic on canvas

* please note that the mockup room photo is for display purposes only and may not be to scale.



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