I was a little lost about the direction I wanted to go with my business after having my baby in June. Honestly, I thought I wanted to burn the whole thing down and start again but after some kind advice from my loving husband who knows me oh so well- I kept it alive.

On long car trips with my husband I talked through what I was thinking and eventually came to the decision to close ‘ you’re my type’ down ( My old lettering business) and start my coaching business under my personal branding. The rebrand took some time and with the help of a beautiful coach we were able to define what my values were and how I could make this new business work as a new mum.

Coaching helped me and can help you:

Set epic goals that make you say ‘oh yeah!’

Before working with my coach I had a lot of thoughts bouncing around in my head and so many things I wanted to achieve but when I was able to process my ideas and have them challenged I realised that a lot of what i thought I wanted, i didn’t. I was able to clearly clarify what i valued and set a goal that aligned with my values. Being a new mum i knew i wanted to stay home with my babe so my goal became:
To stay at home with cove and run an epic business, coaching women in small businesses.

If you were like me with a million thoughts/goals in your head it may help to whip out pen and paper and start writing down all that’s in your head. When your done circle the things that light you up and make you excited. This will help you on your way to clarifying what you want.

Gives you the confidence to put your best foot forward

I needed someone to mirror what my strengths were so that i could walk in confidence knowing that i absolutely have what it takes. It unlocked my inner potential that was always there and allowed me to see myself the way others do. Energetic, encouarging, caring, bad ass goal kicker. It was so freeing! A good coach should do a similar thing and allow you to feel confident so you can make decisions without doubting yourself or second-guessing if its the right call.

Allows you to see your blind spots to avoid collisions

A coach is in your life to sit in the passenger seat and identify blind spots in your life. This fast tracks growth as it allows you to potentially see damage before it even exists. A lot of our blind spots come from us not being able to see that we are freaking awesome beings with incredible potential. From a business perspective, this is essential because how we see ourselves will be a direct influence on how successful our businesses will be.

There are so many other things i could make mention about the benefits of hiring a coach but for now ill leave it at that.

Stay awesome lovely being!